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The following tips are proven techniques for successful interviewing and job search campaigns...

Individual Tips...

As a successful professional, you might be too busy - or reluctant - to test the waters.  If so, a good recruiter can work behind the scenes on your behalf and introduce you to the hidden opportunities that best match your career goals.

Even if you're not actively looking for a change, you may benefit later in your career from an ongoing relationship with the right head hunter.  After all, today's corporate environment in extremely volatile, and you need to be prepared.  You'll find that your recruiter can be an excellent career coach and source of feedback as you progress professionally.

Take the time to identify the recruiter who will present your credentials most effectively.  In fact, it's a good idea to interview a prospective recruiter the same way you would a prospective employee.   Above all, always be open about your career motivation, compensation and timing.

Questions To Ask About The
Opportunities Presented...

What should I expect from this process?
What's the job title?
What are the key responsibilities?
Why are they looking outside the company?
What is the company's financial position?
Why is the job open?
To whom would I report?
What is he or she like
What is the Career Path with this Company ?

After The Interview...

Always follow up the interview with a "thank you for the interview" letter, unless you have already been told you are not being considered further. The thank you letter shows your continued interest, indicates your good customer service skills and keeps your name on the mind of the recruiter.

If you don't get the job, swallow your pride and don't burn any bridges by arguing or criticizing. In fact, write a letter stating your disappointment but state you are still interested in the company (if you are) and ask to be reconsidered for any other opportunities that may come along. Occasionally, their  top choice doesn't accept the offer, or gets counter-offered by their current employer and the job is open again. You may have just moved to the top of the list!