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"Our responsibility does not end until we have assisted you through the negotiation process to land the candidates you select and smoothly bring them onboard with your firm."


We will assist your staff in negotiating the compensation package and reaching agreement on other areas necessary to the successful completion of the search assignment.  It is advantageous to let us take the lead in presenting the offer to the candidate.  The acceptance of terms by the candidate would, of course, be made directly to you.


We will do business reference checks for our clients who ask us to do so.  This is done only after mutual interest in shown and written agreement is received from the candidate.


All information concerning a client's business is kept strictly confidential.  We will not reveal the identity of a client to a candidate until it is both necessary and appropriate.  Likewise, we ask clients not to conduct premature reference checks which might jeopardize a candidate's current employment.


Timely decisions are vital in getting the candidate to accept your offer.  Our experience in recruiting and landing top talent for our clients has shown us that delays reduce interest and ultimately lose the candidate.  We ask, therefore, that at each step in the interviewing process the following decision be made within 48 hours: Yes, No or Another Interview.

If the answer is no, we need to know all the reasons so that we can retarget and make the correct fit with the next candidate we present.  Again, communications on a timely basis is vital to both your firm and ours in our joint effort to fill your critical needs.


We will assist the new hire in withdrawing gracefully but emphatically from his or her current employer in the most expeditious manner.


We will follow up with you and the person hired on a periodic basis to assure a positive and long-term relationship.  This is the level of professionalism and service you should expect from any executive search firm...with Executive Search International, you will receive it on every search assignment undertaken.